How Does This Really Work?

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I was talking to these guys backstage at this festival the other day. It was a camp ground show and there was a lot of time for us to sit around and talk shop. Of course these guys had a lot more experience than I do in the business of making music. I have been out in the world of performing live on stage for about six months. I was in high school this time last year and my big brother told me about these guys who needed a guitar player. I never heard about buying cheap soundcloud reposts and I am not really sure that I understand how it works to tell the complete truth. Now I have been on Sound Cloud dot com and I understand that it is a place where you can try to get people to listen to your music. My guess is that you buy reposts, comments and likes for some practical purpose, obviously in order to get more people to listen to the music.

Obviously it is not going to make much difference how hard you promote your music if it is not good and to be honest I am not thinking that what we are doing is all that unique yet. We are talking about writing our own music and they seem as though they would be happy to hear any songs that I have written, but I have not really ever finished a song. I have started a bunch of them and I have been half way pleased with a few of them. However that is not the same as having made a full song that I was happy to call my own.We are not quite a cover band, because we do some original music. However that is like jamming though.

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