I Need a New TV Set

Posted On November 2, 2016 at 8:30 pm by / No Comments

I really can not complain too much, since my ex girlfriend is the one who owned the TV set that had been sitting in my living room. She packed up and moved to Chapel Hill, NC to go to medical school. Of course I have my own life and I am at least a year away from graduation. The plan now is to look around pretty hard to try to find some really great deal on a decent TV set. I suppose that in a couple of weeks the annual Cyber Monday TV deals 2016 will come out right after Thanksgiving. Of course if you felt like fighting a bunch of maniacs they would have great deals in the Black Friday sales, but the way that they do that is not going to leave you very satisfied for the most part. They want to lure you in, but they do not use enough bait for the whole crowd.

Usually they will have a handful of really great deals, that is how they plan to get you through the doors. Of course they will only have a small number of these. If they offer a TV set for some unreal price that usually means that there are only three or four of them. That means that in order to get one of them you have to be there before all of the other shoppers and then you have to beat them to that box. You might end up in a fist fight with some crazed housewife. Of course that just is not for me. I am probably going to be laying in bed long after all of the great deals are gone. I am certainly not willing to fight people to beat them to the electronics section of the store either.

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