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I’m Looking Forward to My Cross-country Move

Posted On January 23, 2016 at 1:31 am by / No Comments

I am a California girl. I was born there, and I’ve spent the last 28 years there. One of the things that really surprises people about me is that I had never traveled outside the state before. My parents were not much for traveling, and I was never lucky enough to be invited to tag along with any of my friends when they went on vacations outside the state. So, when I learned that I actually landed a job in Hartford Connecticut a couple of weeks ago, I cannot explain just how excited I was to receive that news.

My parents are not very happy that I will be moving. I told them that I had been applying for jobs in other states, and my mom was pretty nervous about it then and now. She and I are so close, and I know it would be hard on her. But I told both my mom and dad that they are welcome to come visit me any time they want to. I will be making quite a bit of money, and I am willing to pay for their plane flights. I will also fly back home several times per year as well.

I found the place that I want to rent by searching for apartments online. I wanted to find a place with two bedrooms. One will be mind, and the second one will be a guest bedroom for my parents to stay in when they come to visit me. I also needed to find a place that would allow me to have two small dogs, and I wanted an onsite swimming pool as well.

It did not take me long to find a great place. I was able to apply by sending my application in through the rental office’s website. They contacted me within only hours to tell me that they approved me. I immediately sent over a deposit. Now all I need to do is pack my belongings and travel cross country to my new home!

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