Just Had a Visit with My Mom

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I am thinking about how best to deal with my Mom’s aging. She has a number of health problems, which are significant and which need to be attended to, but which do not quite keep her from continuing to live in her own house. It is going to be a real chore to make her think that it is time for her to move out of that place. She has lived there for most of her long life and the short term solution might be to hire a senior companion in Queens. That would go a long way toward addressing my biggest concerns. I am of course worried that something will happen and no one will be there to call an ambulance. She and I talked about this idea a couple of weeks ago and she laughed it off. It was not something that she was prepared to consider right now and I do not think that she shall be ready at any time soon. The best thing is to just wait a little bit and then see how things go. Of course I am living in Dover Delaware right now and it is difficult for me to get up there on a regular basis. So I have to have some of her friends tell me what is going on. Mom does not tell me the full truth about how she is doing, because she is determined to remain independent. She has a house that she loves and a beautiful garden that she takes a whole lot of pride in. That is how it is supposed to be I guess, but she is going to be extremely difficult about any efforts to change her way of living. It is something that we shall have to work on as best as we can.

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