Ran in an Old Friend Today

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I just happened to run in an old friend today. I was surprised that he was there to be honest, because I honestly figured this guy would be dead by now. It seems like he would have been if he had kept going the way that he had been, but he had apparently seen enough of the inside of prisons and he told me that he had been to an Arizona drug rehab center for a couple of months. Of course he had all sorts of problems back when I knew him. The first one was having too much money I guess. His Dad was a rich lawyer you managed to always keep him out of trouble, no matter how much he was messing up, In fact this guy must have had half a dozen driving under the influence charges during the time that I met him. This girl he used to date would tell me that he would drive home and end up falling down the stairs at the house. He was somehow able to drive better than he would walk.

At any rate that girl got him mixed up in some root of pills which he got hooked on pretty bad. That was what he ended up in prison over. He sent that he served a year and a half and he decided that he did not like it very much. So he claims that he is not going to go back. Of course with an addict it is pretty difficult to really believe every word that comes out of their mouth. They may not want to regress, but that does not mean that they have the will to fight the temptations. Of course you have to be to beat them over day after day for the rest of your life.

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