Satellite is Much Better Than Cable

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I always hear about satellite service having more channels than cable service and vice versa. I also always hear about cable service having a lower price than satellite service. Since I only used over the air television, I had no idea if either of these claims were true, so I started doing some research. I looked online for different websites that could help me make a price and channel comparison of the services.

After comparing the prices and channels, I learned some interesting results. Satellite service did have more channels than cable service. In fact, there were a lot more channels that the cable service didn’t offer. There were a lot of sports channels, a lot of movie channels, and even some international channels that weren’t on cable. I love watching foreign media, so having channels that can show this is a big plus to me.

The claim that cable service had a lower price than satellite was false. The prices on cable service were much higher than those on satellite. For the price of one cable service, you could pay for two satellite services. It’s pretty appalling that the cable services cost so much more, while offering less channels to watch.

The price comparison was a useful experiment for me, because it convinced me to get satellite service. The international channels were just too appealing. I’m glad to know that I’ll be getting a better deal by using satellite service over cable. The satellite service will come to my home later this week to install the boxes and the dish. Once they’re done, I’ll be able to watch high quality programming in Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and even Chinese. There are some really intense foreign films on these channels that I haven’t seen, so I’ll definitely get value out of having these channels.

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