Transporting a Large Group of Students

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I had no idea what I was going to find when I went to I knew that I had to find reliable transportation for 42 students who were among the brightest college kids in our nation. They were going to an educational symposium to discuss some very important issues, and it was my job to find a way to get them there safely. The symposium is about two hours away, so I wanted them to be comfortable. That is why I started looking at renting a luxury bus rather than a standard bus.

I knew that the standard bus would be better than most, but I also knew that a luxury bus would be the best option. I had strict orders to make sure the students were comfortable and enjoying their experience, and what better way to start it than by being a luxury party bus. While it is called a party bus, there would be no alcohol on it. However, there would be other drinks as well as music. The seating on the bus that I chose for them has small groupings so that students would be able to hold conversations with just small groups rather than talking over everyone else.

I knew that it would be extremely relaxing for them, allowing all of them to arrive at the meeting of the minds in a very positive state. Even though these kids are brilliant, I also knew that they are typical to other young people their age. This means they will like the music that can be played on the bus as well as the large screen TV. There are also strobe lights if they decide they really want a festive environment. What is important is that they are going to be relaxes and comfortable in getting to where they need to be.

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